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Ibn Hayyan is one of the leading companies in the cosmetic and personal care industry in the Syrian Arab Republic and the Middle East. It was founded in 1988 under Al Khani’s Holding Group for import and export, which began its operations of trade in raw chemicals in 1975. Ibn Hayyan’s first activities began in 1989 in a laboratory in the suburbs of Damascus, and later expanded to create more than thirty diverse products that compete with international products and abide by international standards as a result of a technical and management team with scientific and professional expertise. The main groups of the products are:

The company has gained a prominent reputation in the Syrian market on both a medical and cosmetic level due to its innovative solutions in the beauty industry and its continuous perseverance on implementing the latest findings in its products. Therefore, it continues to appeal to its clients, who have established a sense of trust with the products, which has been proven through their continuous and frequent consumption.

In regards to the distinct achievements that Ibn Hayyan has accomplished in the Syrian market, the management continues to improve its products, maintain its excellence in terms of quality, efficiency, and pricing, and that is due to its loyalty to meet the needs to the Syrian and Arab consumer, as well as contributing to the national industry.

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Ibn Hayyan Company for chemicals strives to be a specialized company in terms of performance and through the production of unique products at all levels. It aims to maintain this excellence on both a local and regional scale through a dedicated management and technical team who aim to appeal to the third generation in terms of providing innovative solutions, producing modern and advanced products, and dealing with both clients and suppliers in a professional manner, which will certainly achieve continuous success to the needs of the client and society.

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